GBFT Ltd. aims to fulfill the basic necessities of life by specializing in retail and architecture. ※Food business scheduled to open soon.

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When you are busy, you want to be surrounded by things that are sophisticated and easy to use, and to just have a great time.
We think that it is our mission to deliver carefully selected items to you as conveniently as possible.
At the comfort of your home or quickly on the go, you can shop online and your order will reach you soon.
We have products listed on various EC sites so that our customers can conveniently shop the items they want.
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We handle a wide range of carefully selected products for daily life needs. Please feel free to ask our staff for assistance at our store.
We are looking forward to your visit!

Main Product Categories

Manufacturer Connections

  • ■ SHARP
  • ■ Haier
  • ■ NEC
  • ■ Beats by Dr.Dre
  • ■ Rinnai
  • ■ KOKUYO
  • ■ CASIO
  • ■ U-ING
  • ■ TEKNOS
  • ■ Fuji Boeki
  • ■ Ichiba
  • ■ CHUWI
  • And many others
  • ■ Panasonic
  • ■ SONY
  • ■ Canon
  • ■ Microsoft
  • ■ Lenovo
  • ■ Acer
  • ■ NORITZ
  • ■ Okamura
  • ■ SEIKO
  • ■ S-cubism
  • ■ T-FAL
  • ■ VERSOS
  • ■ KOEKI
  • ■ ILIFE
  • ■ EPSON
  • ■ Apple
  • ■ ASUS
  • ■ HP
  • ■ TIGER
  • ■ Paloma
  • ■ MTG
  • ■ Abitelax
  • ■ E.Balance
  • ■ Onoe
  • ■ LifeSense

Purchase of Used Items

Do you have any unneeded electronic appliances or are you perhaps considering a replacement purchase?
You may have many questions on how the transaction will take place.
At GBFT we make an effort to create a secure environment for transactions.
Please see the information below and feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

Main Product Categories

PCs, Tablets, AV Equipment, Car Navigators, Kitchen Appliences, Games etc.
※The resale value depends on the condition and class of the item. Items are classified into unopened articles in their original package, unused items with warranty and used items.
※There are certain items such as used refrigerators and other cooking appliances, washing machines, air conditioners, items that have direct skin contact, that are not suitable for resale.

When bringing the item with to our store:

1. Ask for the price of your used item.
Please ask for an estimation for the item that you wish to sell.
For unused items we will let you know of the current price, while in the case of an used item we can give you an approximate value.
■Phone inquiries
Opening Hours:Weekdays 10:00~18:00
2. Bring the used item as well as an ID with you.
We are afraid that we cannot accept the item unless you present us your identification.
Accepted forms of identification are listed below.
●The following IDs that are valid and have your current address.
※Driving lisence, resident card, passport or health insurance card.
To ensure that the process to go smoothly, please inform us at the reception that you have made the purchase inquiry over phone.
3. Assessment of your item.
Depending on the condition and number of items, the assessment may require some time.
Especially in the case of used items, checking and testing the use may take longer.
If you agree with the price we assessed, we pay you in cash.

When sending the used item directly:

1. Ask for the price of your used item.
Please inquire on the price of your sale item in advance.
For unused items we will let you know of the current price, while in the case of an used item we can give you an approximate value. he price is valid until the following day of the valuation and we must receive your item by then.
2. Make sure to pack the item carefully.
Please make sure to have the following packed together with your item. Please take care of the shipping cost by yourself.
●Your original certificate of residence.
●A memo stating the model number(s), quantity, our approximate value of the item(s), your banking information.
※The certificate of residence should be within 3 months from issue, copies are not accepted.
※The bank account should be registered by the same name as the certificate of residence.
※Please note that unless all the conditions are fulfilled, the purchase cannot be completed.
■Our shipping address
1-4-1 Ebisuhonmachi Naniwa-ku Osaka 556-0013 Japan
3. Assessment of the item.
We will make an assessment of the article as soon as it is delivered.
Once we have estimated that the item can be purchased according to the first estimation without reductions, we will complete the payment immediately. In case the accompanying documents are insufficient or the item is defective, or there will be a change to the estimated value, we will inform you and proceed upon your consent.
※We will cover for the bank transaction fees.
※In case you wish to cancel the process after the item has reached us, you will be responsible for the returning shipping cost.

Used item purchase FAQ

What do I need?
Please bring the following with you: an original certificate of residence (within 3 months of issue) and a document of identification (driving license, health insurance, passport, certificate of residence). *IDs exceeding the term of validity are not accepted.
Why do I need an ID?
According to the Antique Dealings Law, businesses engaging to purchasing and selling second hand items have a legal duty to confirm identification.
What happens to my personal information?
At GBFT we comply with the "Act on the Protection of Personal Information" and its related laws and regulations, and the practices which are generally accepted as fair and appropriate for handling of personal information. Please see our Privacy Policy for further reference.
How do I get paid once the purchase is concluded?
We pay you in cash immediately, or by bank transfer if requested.
What if I am not satisfied with the assessed value of my item?
Even if the purchase is not concluded, we will not charge any fees for the assessment.
Is there a fee for having my item assessed?
We will assess your item for free so please do not hesitate to contact us.
Can you purchase my item even if I am underaged?
According to the Antique Dealings Law, we can only purchase items from customers over 18 years old. For customers under the age of 18, a permission or direct contact from your legal guardian is demanded.
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